St.Sebastian Ward paint Barkur in Festive Fervour for 'Ward Day' Celebrations

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The sleepy  hamlet of St.Sebastian ward awoke to a day brimming with unbridled jubilation as it rolled out the red carpet for its  'Ward Day' celebrations yesterday. The historic occasion marked an incredible four-year journey since the establishment of this close-knit community, whose roots now stand deeply entrenched in the fertile soil of camaraderie and togetherness.

The day dawned on a spiritual note as ward members congregated at the St.Peter Church Barkur, their hearts awash with devotion and reverence. The sacred liturgy unfolded in an atmosphere of disciplined piety, with every soul immersed in solemn prayer and contemplation. But as the last hallowed notes of the Mass dissipated into the morning air, an infectious wave of festivity swept through the ward, breathing new life into its quaint bylanes and sun-kissed homes.

At 4 pm, peals of joyous laughter and cheers rang out as the villagers surrendered themselves to an array of merriment and games meticulously curated for the grand occasion. It was a kaleidoscope of euphoria, where young and old alike partook in the revelries with infectious zeal.

As the golden hues of dusk descended upon the ward, the main ceremony took the centrestage at 6:15 pm, ushered in by a soulful invocation that seemed to summon the Ward's gaurdian  spirits. The dais was a resplendent tableau, graced by esteemed dignitaries and pillars of the community. Rev. Fr. Ronald Miranda, the Parish Priest, presided over the ceremonial proceedings with an air of benevolent authority.

Joining the revered clergy were the founding visionary, Rev. Fr. Phillip Neri Aranha, whose unwavering dedication had brought the ward into existence and Resident Priest Rev. Fr. Rolvin Fernandes, Mr. Jossi Fernandes, Vice President, Mr. Eric Soans, Secretary of the Parish Council and Mr. Herald DSouza, Coordinator of Pastoral Commissions. The chief architect of the evening's grandeur, Mrs. Vivet  Lewis, the esteemed Gurkarn, beamed with pride as she took her place alongside Mrs. Patricia Dalmeda, the  Secretary of the Ward Committee.

In a gesture that encapsulated the spirit of the occasion, the dignitaries felicitated 17 young scholars, whose academic brilliance over the past four years had brought immense glory to the ward. As mementos were conferred upon these shining beacons of hope, a thunderous ovation echoed through the hallowed premises, a collective salutation to their perseverance and diligence.

The tributes, however, didn't end there. In a deeply moving interlude, Mrs. Lewis, the tireless custodian of Ward's dreams, was honored for her yeoman service and unwavering dedication in nurturing the ward through its fledgling years. Her husband, Mr. Harry Lewis, joined her with his eyes glistening with admiration

As the evening unfolded, a cavalcade of dignitaries took to the dais, each eulogy a tapestry woven with threads of gratitude, commendation, and sheer wonderment at the spirit of unity and resilience that had transformed a humble hamlet into a vibrant, pulsating community. In a poignant gesture, Mrs. Lewis presented a portrait of St. Sebastian, the patron saint, to the assembled guests, a symbolic embrace of the divine forces that have guided Ward's destiny.

The atmosphere was electric, charged with an outpouring of emotions that transcended mere words. Mrs. Patricia Dalmeda masterfully conducted a gratitude segment, allowing the villagers to give voice to their heartfelt appreciations, their testimonies a resounding affirmation of the community's indomitable spirit.

Mr. Vincent Lobo, a consummate master of ceremonies, seamlessly orchestrated the evening's proceedings, his deft handling of the event akin to that of a virtuoso conductor coaxing a symphony from his ensemble of performers.

In his soul-stirring address, Rev. Fr. Phillip Neri Aranha wove a captivating narrative, tracing the incredible genesis of St. Sebastian's Ward from a mere vision to a palpable reality. With every anecdote he shared, the audience was transported through a kaleidoscope of challenges, triumphs, and unwavering faith that had paved the way for this momentous occasion. His eulogy was a resounding tribute to the unbreakable bonds that had bound the villagers together, transforming their aspirations into a tangible, thriving ward.

The cultural segment that followed was a scintillating tapestry of Ward's rich heritage, expertly curated by Mr. Eric Soans. As the performers took to the stage, their vibrant costumes and pulsating rhythms ignited the night sky, transporting the enraptured audience on a mesmerizing journey through the ages.

As the euphoric celebrations drew to a close, a simple yet sumptuous feast awaited the revelers, a delectable testament to the village's culinary prowess. The aroma of freshly prepared delicacies mingled with the laughter and camaraderie that pervaded the air, creating an ambiance that was nothing short of enchanting.

The organizing committee had left no stone unturned, ensuring that every guest was treated to a delightful array of refreshments even before the commencement of the grand event, a thoughtful gesture that exemplified the Ward's warm hospitality.

In attendance were approximately 125 esteemed guests, a veritable tapestry of village elders, civic leaders, representatives from various associations, and esteemed invitees, all united in their shared joy and pride for this momentous occasion.

As the night drew to a close, the air was thick with a sense of accomplishment, a collective exhilaration that resonated through every heart and soul present. For this historic day, St.Sebastian Ward had not merely celebrated the birth of a ward; it had etched an indelible mark on the sands of time, a testament to the indomitable human spirit's triumph over adversity, and a shining beacon of hope for communities far and wide.

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