Barkurians in UAE Celebrate Patron St. Peter's Feast in Abu Dhabi with Great Enthusiasm

Abu Dhabi, UAE - The EB Family, a close-knit group of Barkurians residing in the United Arab Emirates, rejoiced in a jubilant celebration of Patron St. Peter's Feast on 23rd July 2023. The festive event took place at the warm and welcoming residence of Shammi and Terence Lewis, who graciously opened their doors to host the occasion.

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The festivities commenced with an introduction by the charming compere of the day, Shammi Lewis. Thelma D'Almeida, the esteemed President of the EB Family, extended her heartfelt welcome to all the Barkurians gathered to commemorate their beloved San Pedru Festh. The event started with a soulful prayer service to honor the Patron Saint, beautifully led by Savitha Maria Menezes, accompanied by EB Family members.

Walter D'Almeida, a stalwart member and pillar of the EB Family, took the stage to express his joy at the reunion after a prolonged hiatus. During his speech, he unveiled his inspiring vision for the future, emphasizing the importance of unity and solidarity among the group.

Allen Crasta, a key figure in keeping the EB Family vibrant and active since its inception, presented a brief yet captivating historical account of the group's journey. The absence of Herbert Menezes, instrumental in the formation of the EB Family and the organization of various events, was deeply felt and missed by all, as he is currently in native place for his family commitments.

The EB family unanimously decided to continue with same All women board lead by President Thelma DAlmeida for another term and the board humbly assumed to continue the responsibilities for another year.

The gathering was graced with the presence of Sunnu Monis, a renowned Konkani Poet, Dramatist, and Activist, who regaled the attendees with mesmerizing Konkani Poetry Recitals, adding an artistic touch to the celebration.Kishoo Barkur a EB family member joined Sunnu Monis and recited one of his popular poem.

Lisa Andrade and Strelisha Lewis, the talented youngsters of the EB family conducted a series of games and participants won attractive prizes.

The event served as a revival of spirit for the EB Family, marking the end of a long period of silence due to the challenges posed by the Covid breakout. Eager to reconnect with one another, the participants exchanged warm pleasantries and enthusiastically engaged in various activities throughout the event, promising to keep the group's spirit alive and active.

Vera Crow, another strong member and a pillar of support within the EB Family, conducted the grace before the meals. The occasion was also an opportunity for the EB Family to pay tribute to her late husband, Tyrone Glen, and offer heartfelt prayers for his departed soul.

The highlight of the evening was an exquisite feast,  provided by the esteemed High Range Restaurant in Abu Dhabi, complemented by delectable delicacies from Canara Restaurant in Dubai. The sumptuous spread was thoroughly enjoyed and heartily appreciated by all in attendance.

Anish Dais, one of the founding members, expressed heartfelt gratitude and delivered a vote of thanks to all participants and those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to organize the event. The hosts of the day, Shammi and Terence Lewis, and their children, Styrish and Strelisha Lewis, received warm accolades and heartfelt appreciation from the EB Family for their selfless love and unwavering commitment in hosting this event and several others in the past.

Altogether, the Patron St. Peter's Feast celebration was a resounding success, filled with joy, camaraderie, and the cherished memories of unity that will undoubtedly linger in the hearts of the EB Family members. As they bid farewell to this memorable occasion, the Barkurians in UAE look forward to more vibrant gatherings in the future, cherishing the bonds that keep them united as one big, joyful family.

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