Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary Gretta and Bertie Fernandes

-Herbert Joseph Menezes

Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary

Gretta and Bertie Fernandes

Hosala, Barkur

Dear Mom and Dad,

As you mark this incredible milestone of 25 years of marriage, we can't help but feel immensely grateful and blessed to have you as our parents. Your unwavering love, dedication, and commitment to each other have been a constant source of inspiration for us.

From the day you said "I do," you have walked hand in hand, weathering life's storms together and basking in its sunshine. Your love has been the bedrock upon which our family was built, and it has provided us with a sense of security and warmth that is truly invaluable.

Through the years, we have witnessed your love grow deeper and stronger, like a mighty oak tree with roots firmly planted in the soil of trust, respect, and understanding. You have taught us the true meaning of partnership, compromise, and selflessness – lessons that will forever guide us in our own lives.

As we celebrate this silver jubilee of your love, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for the countless sacrifices you have made, the innumerable lessons you have imparted, and the unconditional love you have showered upon us. Your journey together has been a testament to the power of love and the beauty of perseverance.

May your love continue to shine like a beacon, guiding us all towards a future filled with joy, happiness, and togetherness. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary!

With love and admiration,

Benita and Brannet.

Also wishes from Family members, relatives and friends, Barkur. 24/05/2024

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