Konkani Star Morvine Quadros Barkur Captivates Audience at Canara Kala Saanz 2024 in Canada

Mississauga, May 21: The Konkani community in Greater Toronto witnessed an evening of sheer brilliance and grandeur at the extraordinary 'Canara Kala Saanz 2024' event, organized by Canara World Foundation Inc (CWF) to mark its 20th anniversary. Held on May 11 at the state-of-the-art Meadowvale Theatre in Mississauga, the event set new records and left an indelible mark on the hearts of attendees.

The prestigious 'Canara Kala Sanketh' award was bestowed upon Ivan Sequeira, a veteran Konkani singer who was flown in from Mangalore especially for this occasion, in recognition of his lifetime dedication to Konkani art and singing. The event commenced on an electrifying note, with the rendition of the national anthems of Canada and India, setting the stage for a night of unforgettable performances.

Gerry D'Mello, the masterful emcee, captivated the audience with his impeccable command of the Konkani language, guiding them through the three-hour extravaganza of non-stop entertainment. The star-studded lineup, featuring international luminaries such as Ivan Sequeira, the Gulf Voice of Mangalore Morvine Quadros Barkur, Canada's Nightingale Babita Pinto, Konkani TV fame Wilson D'Souza, and Gerry D'Mello himself, left the audience awestruck.

Babita Pinto's melodious rendition of 'Mojem Kalliz Bullam' by Amar Wilfy set the tone for an evening of musical excellence. 

Morvine's performance of 'Dhuve Muje,' composed by the late Amar Claud D'Souza, served as a fitting tribute to the legendary musician who passed away in July 2023. The new music score 'Vothga Dharam,' a comedic song rendered by Morvine Quadros, Wilson D'Souza, and Gerry D'Mello, accompanied by visuals, provided a delightful and entertaining interlude.

Hailing from the historical town of Barkur, Morvine Quadros Barkur, born on May 17, 1987, to Edward and Monica Quadras, was a child prodigy and a fearless stage performer from a tender age. His passion for singing blossomed as a permanent member of the Barkur Church Choir, where he honed his God-given gift to near perfection.

After completing his primary schooling at Mary knoll Hr. Primary and Mary knoll High School in Barkur, and his PUC studies at SMS Junior College, Brahmmavar, Morvine pursued a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and HVAC Engineering from St. Joseph's Engineering College in Mangalore, graduating with first-class honors.

Morvine Quadras, a highly esteemed Konkani artist renowned within Konkani-speaking communities across the Gulf region, currently serves as a Sales Manager at the prestigious Alghanim Industries in Kuwait. Despite being an engineer by profession, his exceptional contributions to Konkani music have garnered widespread recognition and numerous accolades.

In 2011, Morvine was honored with the Muscat Kogul award by MCCP Oman, a testament to his outstanding musical prowess. He bagged the coveted 'Gulf Voice of Mangalore' title in the year 2014. His talents have transcended geographical boundaries, with notable performances alongside Kevin Misquith in Canada for Kala Sanz in 2019, as well as concerts in London, Muscat, and Kuwait.

Morvine has graced the stage at renowned events such as Wilfy Nites, Lorna Concerts, and Wilson Olivera Nites, showcasing his versatility and captivating stage presence. He has individually captivated audiences with live shows across Gulf countries, including Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar.

Sharing the stage with Konkani legends like Meena Rebimbus, Rony Dcunha, Lorna, and Wilson Olivera, Morvine has established himself as a peer among the greats. He has lent his melodious voice to Konkani albums by Apolinaris Dsouza, Oswald Valencia, ALP (Apolinaris Dsouza, Laeena Prafulla), Orson Dsouza, and Vijay Dsouza (USA).

Known for his versatility, Morvine has sung hymns composed by Eric Soas Barkur and Fr. Noel Almeida in Kuwait. In collaboration with renowned musician Jaison Misquith from Kuwait, Morvine has founded the YouTube channel "JM Ragaaz Muzik Creation." Their first Konkani song, "Eklonch Bosun," stands out as the first-ever Konkani video shot in Bulgaria (Europe), with multiple exciting projects in the pipeline.

Currently, Morvine serves as the Konkani choir master for St. Daniel Comboni Church in Abbasiya, Kuwait, further contributing to the musical and cultural enrichment of the community.

The Canara Kala Saanz 2024 event was a resounding success, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of attendees, and solidifying the Canara World Foundation Inc's commitment to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the Konkani community.

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