'Jayo Jayo Bala' new Christmas Hymn by Eric Soans, Barkur

In the enchanting realm of hymn composition, Eric L. Soans Barkur stands as a maestro, a luminary whose brilliance needs no introduction. His musical prowess has gracefully unfolded in the ethereal notes of pathbreaking devotional CDs such as "Thururuthuthu" and "Viyol Veenya Sangi."

What sets Soans apart is his ability to craft hymns tailored for the hearts of children, creating a class of musical beauty uniquely his own. As the Christmas season graces us with its magic, Soans unveils a Konkani Christmas Carol, a masterpiece written and composed through the innocent lens of a child—a musical narrative that promises to be both extraordinary and unprecedented.

In this joyous presentation, we are honored to showcase Eric L. Soans, joined by the exceptionally talented Mahima Carvalho, the radiant daughter of Sushma and Praveen Carvalho. For an immersive and transcendent experience, we warmly recommend embracing these melodies with the embrace of headphones. Let the harmonies weave a tapestry of magic around you. Indulge in the splendor of this extraordinary musical collaboration, and let the beauty of the season unfold through the soul-stirring notes of Eric L. Soans. Enjoy this symphony of joy and wonder.

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