Personality of the month

The living legend of Tracks in 70’s, Michael Sequeira, Barkur.

The living legend of Tracks in 70’s, Michael Sequeira, Barkur.

Rev Fr Stany B Lobo, our new POM

Wishing you a glorious, 75th Birthday, Dear & Rev Fr Stany Basil Lobo, to remain young forever…!! Proudly presenting, a Barkurian to the core, as our POM.

Rev Fr Vishal Lobo

Vishal was born on 21st January, 1973, as the 4th son of a middle class hardworking, devout family of late William and Mary Lobo, located near to the Church. Vishal had five brothers and one sister. Oswald, Vivian and Vikram were elder to him whereas Vinod, Vijay and lone sister Vineesha younger to him

Our new POM :Dr Vanessa K. D’Souza, BHMS, MD – (Nee Sequeira)

In our small town Barkur, many Doctors served and serving and they naturally command high respect and gratitude. There are dozens of Barkur born doctors and Nurses serving all over the globe. If someone takes the trouble of making a directory of these professionals, we presume it will have names probably in hundreds…..If you enlarge your canvas to...

POM-Principal B. Seetharama Shetty

There must be dozens of scholars in our Barkur served / serving as Head Masters in various educational institutions or Principals of Colleges, but none be compared to Principal B. Seetharama Shetty who is a ‘life time Principal’ not only for his students but for the entire town…..a rarest respect, the gentleman commands even on this day….. An illus...

POM-Rev. Fr. Antony Fernandes

Rev. Fr. Anthony Fernandes, Diocese of Bellary.

POM Shri B. Chooda Poojari

A tall gentleman with handsome looks, gifted with that manly and commanding voice in our town Barkur for last five decades and that too 40 odd years as a Teacher in Maryknoll Higher Primary School, Hosala Barkur, was / is, our beloved Shri. Chooda Master – an attractive personality, no one can afford to forget in lifetime, especially the student’s...

Sr. Jacintha Fernandes our POM

Introducing the proud recipient of Karnataka State, Florence Nightingale Award for Nurses - from Barkur Sr. Jacinta Fernandes

Prof. Rama Bhat Sajangadde

Truly we don’t have a perfect definition to describe an ‘Ideal Teacher…..’, however here and there, have some ‘perfect examples of true teachers’ and one such name at and around our Barkur is Shri Rama Bhat, a teacher for lifetime, served for three long decades in National Junior College, as Lecturer in English, a man encouraged young and teenager...

Antony Prakash DSouza

It is our proud privilege and honor to feature Anthony Prakash D’Souza as our Personality of the Month, we are sure soon his name will make national headline in Konkani Literature, for his extraordinary stories. Rightly his works will be translated in English and other languages, as of now the Book also comes out in Devnagari script. Let him be ble...