Sathish Poojari

When I was called by our host Mr. Kishore Gonsalves, together with Mr. Alwyn Andrade, the President of The Expressions, to come down to Brahmmavar, to meet them over a cup of coffee in the ‘Shabari Restaurant’ near the bus stand, on that cool rainy evening of August, 6th 2010, I had no clue, that we will have rendezvous’ with a great, dynamic, youthful Congress leader and a rare personality in Shri Satish Gopal Poojary.





Of course, back home, my mother, had very high respects for a person, who achieved something, (others only happy to promise that they will….for the last 20 long years……) we never thought the man behind this Herculean task, (rather magnified to be so, by all and sundries) – that a link road to Barkur from Nagermutt, via Hosala fields is a possibility. By the way, thus far many have to shift their dwelling to elsewhere including me to Santhekatte, for one important reason of no road link; now the happiest people with a relief, there is a hope that Nagermutt will have a direct, short-cut road access to Barkur town, by summer 2011.


Barkur Village Panchayat already earmarked few lakhs for this project and contributions from MP / MLA funds may be pooled together to make a dream come true.


A brave beginning is made, a road on the banks of tributary Sita, surely the life line, under the initiative of Shri Poojary, we congratulate you and we will remain indebted to you for your genuine concern, truly in spirit you shown there is a will there is a way!


Early youthful days:


Born on 1st April, 1975, as a proud son of Shri. Gopal and Muthu Poojary of neighboring Hanehalli, near Moodukere was an inspiring child in the surrounding. Having his early education at National Higher Primary School, Uddalgudde, followed by High school and PUC studies in National Junior College Barkur.


The leader in Satish Poojary got its first recognition during his college days in St. Mary’s Syrian First Grade College Brahmmavar, when he was elected as the President of Students Union in 1993 – 95. Again while pursuing his LLB studies he was the General Secretary of Mangalore University All College Students Union, in the year 1995 – 96.


The choice of a socio-political career in Indian National Congress Party:


To the best of our understanding Satish Poojary is one of the youngest to be a Member of Village Panchayat, for a consecutive two terms, in Hanehalli, with handsome margins. It’s a fact that once Hanehalli got segregated from erstwhile Barkur Panchayat, comprising Hosala & Kachhur other two components, it got a boost to all-round progress with young members like Sathish Poojary…….


Right man’s talents and organizing capacity was well recognized by the party and during closely fought local body elections comprising Taluk and District Boards, as Satish came out with flying colors to get elected from Barkur, in 2006.


The crowning glory is – he was elected for the ‘President of Taluk Board’ for a term, its rare feat for a Barkurian born to head the Udupi Taluk Panchayat!!


Even today, he is the Chairman of Social Justice Council, a prestigious as well as a responsible sub-committee which overseas the social equity and welfare in the Taluk.


A glance at Poojary’s achievement:


Once asked, what you have done to the people……he said nothing great or visible to human eyes….difficult to understand isn’t it? Yes he elaborated – “I had lot many dreams, plans, vision for Historical Barkur. Drinking water, new and better roads connecting remote corners, basic sanitation and toilet facilities at public places mainly at Barkur bus stand, kindergarten schools / balavadi in villages just to mention a few………….his eyes glows when he express, Udupi District in general and Barkur in particular, with rich heritage and natural beauty, have potential to offer wide assortment of entertainment, excitement and loads of fun to any visitor……..


On insisting he just called out just few of the following:


a)    Two Kilometer road parallel to River Sita from Kachhur till Hanehalli to give a link near NJC Cross.

b)    A road from Nagermutt vented dam till Pandeshwar almost 2 k.m in length.

c)    A kindergarten anganawadi at Nagermutt

d)    Road to connect Badangoli and Nagermutt

e)    Emergency Boat services during rainy season – Two boats donated.

f)    Pooled necessary funds to construct Public Toilets at Kalchapara


The list may be long and elaborate, as we mentioned in the beginning he had lot many things to change the face of Barkur to make it a tourist / religious destination.


Yet another un accomplished dream of Mr. Poojary is Brhmmavar Taluk, yes he has over the years he fought for it. Sent appeals to the concerned…. even sat on hunger strike to call the attention of concerned authorities. He sees a big hope once Brahmmavar get its long pending ‘Agricultural College’. He wants youth to find living and livelihood in their own villages and towns.


Cosmopolitan approach to live and let others live comfortably:


We have taken aback, once he started expressing his life philosophy – ‘if possible try to do something good to the society you live in, it’s your duty. Political forum is an excellent platform. Youth from all walks of life to be encouraged to embrace social work whatever way possible’. He feels proud to say that ‘I am a social worker and loyal foot soldier of Youth Congress’. That is why; he was catapulted to the coveted post of ‘General Secretary’ of Udupi District Youth Congress. For him all religions are equal. His wife is Catholic. He contributes and donates any rightful cause of any faith.


Few observations during the chat:


We were astonished to see a matured youth leader in Shri. Satish Poojary, who politely turned down to give us an interview? Given him a chance to execute his plans for the town, society to make something better, he promised to call us….


Asked about his future political career, he says bitterly –“ it looks politics in these days not for righteous, upright people…….I lost or spent my prime years…….Of course the Congress Party recognized me more than I deserve. But somewhere I failed to win the hearts of masses……”


Today we need more and more Satish Poojary breed of leaders. Impartial, simple, secular and progress oriented. Temporary set backs in electoral politics is quite common. You have age to your side and future is bright! You have done a commendable social work thus far….as you admitted, you have a vision for a well organized, peaceful Barkur town with better amenities to citizens…………


We wish all your dreams come true in the service of man and nation……and pray Almighty to bless you and your family abundantly with good health and prosperity.


On behalf of Barkur-on-line Team & ICYM Barkur Ex-Members Association,


P. Archibald Furtado, Muscat, 18th August, 2010.

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